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Dog Car Ramp

Getting into and out of houses, cars, trucks, 4x4s and other vehicles is more difficult for our canine friends that are experiencing health issues or simply getting older and less agile.


Barker and Wags are pleased to offer two recommended car ramps for dogs. If neither of these meet the needs of your dog, please contact our custom made ramp service.

Pet Gear Pet Ramp

Pet Gear Tri-fold Pet Ramp

Material: heavy duty PVC (plastic)
Carry Weight: 11kg (24lbs)
Support Weight: 90kg (200lbs)
Length Open: 180cm (6 feet)
Length Folded: 61cm (24 inches)
Width: 51cm (20 inches)


Price: £139.95  NOW £120

(Free delivery mainland UK)

The Tri-fold Dog Car Ramp is one of the widest full-length (180cm / 6ft) dog ramps available in the UK and folds to a compact 61 x 51cm (24 x 20 inches). It has a carry handle and weighs 11kg (24lbs).


Made from heavy duty PVC, the tri-fold dog car ramp is sturdy and long-lasting. It has been tested to support at least 90kg (200lbs) strong enough for any of our canine friends.


We recommend the Tri-fold Pet Ramp as it meets a number of key criteria:


Barker and Wags Custom Made Ramp Service


If neither of these ramps are suitable for your dog’s needs, please contact us and tell us what you require.

B&W Dog Car Ramp

Barker and Wags Dog Car Ramp

Material: Aluminium
Carry Weight: 6kg (13.2lbs)
Support Weight: 136kg (300lbs)
Length Open: 183cm (6 feet)
Length Folded: 99cm (39 inches)
Width: 51cm (20 inches)


Price: £120.00

(Free delivery mainland UK)

The strongest and lightest dog car ramp available in the UK. Barker and Wags dog car ramp has been designed with you and your dog in mind. It is easy to use and secure for your dog, but also extremely lightweight.


Barker and Wags dog car ramp is made from lightweight aluminium and is strong enough to securely hold the biggest dog that may need assistance in transferring to and from a vehicle. It has been tested to support at least 300lbs so your dog will find the ramp secure and easy to use.


Because it is made from strong aluminium it is also lightweight and easy to manoeuvre making life that little bit easier. It is hinged in the middle making it easy to fold and store. It has a textured surface for safely in all weather conditions.



Currently out of stock. Please Contact us to see when product will be available.